In the world, but not of the world…

While we are artists, rappers, creatives…all that…we are also some pretty regular people. We spend countless hours in the studio working on music, or recording our podcast, and just strategizing and planning. But! We also are really OUT here. In the community, in the public schools, at different churches, state to state…anywhere we are lead. We’ve been blessed to be in front of many diverse audiences throughout Connecticut, USA, and have also spent time in a couple of spots in New Jersey. As Jesus commanded,  we strive to be witnesses to Him, wherever we go. So while we live in the world, and are surrounded by this “culture”, this urban American culture, we are not conformed to the ways of this world. We are intentional about being set apart, and walking how we understand God would want us to walk. And a part of this, is letting our light, and our gifts shine before others, so they may see our good works, and glorify our Father in Heaven.

We take our music seriously, and the feedback we have received over the years is a testimony of that. Many hardcore rap/hiphop fans have told us that our music reminds them of the “Golden Era” of Hip Hop. They love our message, our delivery, and our raw style.

Then there are those who’ve seen us perform (as guests at much larger events) who have went out of their way to tell us after our set, that they DON’T LIKE HIP HOP. But…..they LOVED what we brought to the table. This speaks volumes. People from many walks of life, who look nothing like us, often far older than us, are moved by our music, and thoroughly enjoy it.

The last type of audience we’ve received nothing but good feedback from, is the youth. I know kids as young as 6 and 7 years old, who have memorized our first album “Life Wonder” by heart! Some of these kids don’t even speak english as their first language and they still LOVE our music.

Needless to say, this is motivation for us to continue to push this music, and reach as many people as we can with this message. We are confident, that this is the type of uplifting and thought provoking music that is needed today, to replace the toxic music typically found in the Hip Hop culture. Thank you in advance for rocking with us, we hope you stick around and grow with our ministry, and enjoy this journey God has us on!