Fellowship is Crucial!

Waddup family, TAllent here again, on behalf of YNL. So, we rap right. We make music, we do events, we sell music, we want y’all to check us out and hope you like our art. But, the bigger purpose of all this, is the growth and change that we will go through as artists, and as individuals. PLUS, the changes we stir up in the hearts of our followers/supporters.

So while we want you to support our music, we really want to make an impact on your life. God has given us the gift of music, to spread the Good news and touch many lives. As you will soon find out, Gabe and I, do a lot more than just rap to get this message out. It’s bigger than just songs, it’s a journey, the Walk of Faith…a Race…as the Bible calls it. I say all that to say this, we connected first to make a song together, but it quickly turned into so much more.

We started to build our relationship over the phone, doing topical Bible studies, a good way to fellowship and learn together. I had initiated these studies, with discipleship in mind. So key. When I became a Christian back in 2015, my mentor would teach me scripture, pray with me, pray for me, and invite me to different services. He would guide me on this journey, and always made himself available. I believe the reason I didn’t back slide, and fall away from the Faith was because of this close relationship. Knowing the effectiveness of discipleship, I knew Gabe and I had to take our partnership to that level. We had to be grounded in the Word, and in agreement with the core principles of Christianity. We had to be lead by the Spirit. It’s very easy to just sit down and write songs in the studio and make music, but it’s far more meaningful when your hearts are in sync (the people you make music with), and when you’re walking in agreement.

Next, we collaborated at a monthly Community breakfast I was hosting during that time. This was late Fall 2017. Gabe started coming by to check us out and help out anyway he could, and just support in general. But, shortly after that, I asked him to be a guest speaker and also share some of his music at the event, and he agreed! Turns out, that was his first live performance! I definitely didn’t know that at the time. Either way, he rocked it. Just an awesome beginning to something that would grow/has grown so much more.

This was the origins of our partnership, growing together Biblically, in fellowship, as well as musically. Moving forward we were getting together more, coming up with ideas, writing new songs, and would also expand our fellowship by attending new Bible studies and in home Bible groups.

I say all this to say, fellowship matters!! The fullness of Christianity requires studying the Bible, Prayer (which we will discuss more in a later post), and fellowshipping amongst other believers. Iron sharpens iron, so for us to operate on a higher level musically for the Kingdom, we needed to develop our overall Faith!

So yeah, stay tuned family, throw some comments down below if you felt this. It blessed me to reflect on this and reiterate these truths, and I pray it blessed you as well! Thanks for rocking with us thus far on this journey! Because of that, we want to give you our song we ever did together! Grapefruit Troop, as mentioned in our previous blog post. Hope y’all enjoy!

If you like our music, check out our latest album right here! Like I said, we’ve come a long way and it’s been a journey!

Much love,

TAllent x Gabe

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