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So, this is how Young Nation Live began…rock with me for a little while, I gotta set the atmosphere. This is currently Tim (TAllent) writing to you all. Perhaps the other half of Young Nation Live, Gabe, will share his side of the story as well, some day haha.

It was around late August, early September of 2017, that I was scrolling through Facebook like I normally do, poking in and out of content to engage and share anything I supported. As a recording artist since 2009, I always felt like I should show other indy artists love, by sharing their content and liking/commenting all that good stuff. My mindset behind it, was that if show these guys love, more people will show me and my projects love. Now even though I had been rapping nearly a decade, I had only recently converted into a Christian Hip Hop artist, due to the radical change Christ made in my life mid 2015. As an artist, that was almost like starting from scratch. I scarcely hear from former fans commenting on my newer material. But, I digress. On this particular day, towards the finale of Summer 2017, I just so happened to share a song Gabe had posted on Facebook. I just did some digging, deep digging, to troll Gabe’s Facebook profile and see what exactly he had posted back then that I shared. I could not find the exact post that I had shared, but I did notice our engagement and support for each other began September 15th, so we must have been messaging privately. Gabe had released two songs around that time, “Lost Potential” and “Turning Point”…so I must have shared one of those.

Edit: I showed Gabe this blog post up to this point, he did some digging around and found the actual inbox conversation we had, pinpointed the song of his that I had shared. It was called “Running Sentences”

Good stuff. Let’s continue.

So now that we have established a relationship and a mutual support, we decided to do a song together. In all my years rapping, Gabe was the first person to offer me money to do a song with him. I received it as a gift and accepted his blessing, whether I wanted/needed the money or not I wasn’t going to turn down such a humble gesture and block his blessing. It is better to give than to receive. Gabe had wrote the song, titled “Grapefruit Troop”, recorded two verses and a chorus, and sent it to me with room for a third verse. His content was informative, reflective, spiritual…and very conscience “oppression, leaves me to question my self reflection infection of my cerebral I’m asking God for a blessing”. What I sent back to him, was what I believe God wanted me to say specifically to him, let alone anyone else who would hear the song. I addressed the problems I saw with Hip Hop, and essentially provided a solution, or at least a righteous, alternative direction to pursue. “A lot of rappers disrespecting the game, that’ why I had to take you from the secular lane. This thing way bigger than some checks or some fame, each breath should be to bless, me and my name”. 

This verse I sent to him, that God put on my heart and empowered me to write and record, changed the trajectory of Gabe’s career. I believe God brought a great deal of conviction in his heart, regarding the way he was living, and the content he would rap about. I’m confident he would agree and expound, but we will save that for his side of the story!

Long story short, and still going…we have been working together since that song, and would officially partner together and form an LLC, 9 months after that song. And it don’t stop, until the Lord takes us home, OR, until Jesus returns 🙂

Oh yeah, parental advisory. So Gabe had cursed in that song, twice lol. “Whoopdie do” some might think. I didn’t even have a huge problem with it, but I was like it won’t hurt to ask. So I did, and suggested Gabe remove those two curses and choose different words. He did, with no resistance. Now we had a radio ready song good to go, ready for public release. However, he still put on the cover of the artwork, the infamous logo for mature audio content: “Parental Advisory, Explicit Content”

He’s reasoning: be aware, this content is intense, heavy, deep. Not inappropriate or vile.

So that was then, and this is now. Check out our latest album together, the 3rd of three projects we dropped in 2019. Still thought provoking, and by Gabe’s definition, still ‘explicit’!!!

Thank you for being a listener, because this message needs to be heard, that God may work through us to reach the hearts of all He would draw to us, and ultimately to Him.

God bless


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